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Crowdfunding Information

What is crowdfunding?

We're  asking you, our community and sisterhood, to join us on the next step of our journey by pre-ordering our latest innovation: The Battle Bra. By pre-ordering this item we will be able to place the order with our suppliers and bring you another level of sports bra support. It will also help us to estimate the number of sizes needed, meaning less waste. You also get to save!

The Battle Bras will arrive and start shipping end of January 2023.

Why are we crowdfunding?

MAAREE has had an amazing 2022. The business is growing faster than ever before, which is such a wonderful thing, but also brings its challenges. To fund new projects and innovation requires investment, but to keep complete control on our designs, support and service we provide to you we have decided to crowdfund our latest project. We built our foundations around 'Women Supporting Women' and we'd like to keep it that way.