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Lady trying on a number of sports bras in a changing room

Beware! Sports Bra Impact Levels are Not Regulated

Have you ever bought a bra that said it would be high-impact and then realised a few minutes into your workout that it just doesn't perform for you at all? Well this blog post is for you, because you are not alone and you're not going crazy. It's the industry's fault.

The Importance of the Right Sports Bra for Women

When it comes to working out, having sufficient support for our breasts is essential. Our boobs have no muscles in them and so we rely on external support to reduce their movement when we are active. However, it's important that we know that not all sports bras are created equal. But how do we make sure we find the perfect one for us? If you are just starting out on your sports bra search, one aspect to pay attention to the most is the impact level the bra is suitable for. This is where "high-impact sports bra" comes into play.

Why Impact Levels are Important

The importance of impact levels cannot be overemphasised. A sports bra that does not provide enough support can lead to breast pain and discomfort, as well as long-term damage to the breast tissue. In fact, research shows that breast pain is one of the main reasons that women stop exercising. You wouldn't go running in a pair of plimsolls, in the same way shouldn't go running in a yoga bra. We're here to help you differentiate between sports bras so that you become a sports bra shopping wizard.

What Does "High-Impact" Mean?

Sports bras generally come in three impact levels; low, medium and high. Impact levels refer to the amount of support the bra provides during physical activity. The higher the impact level, the more support the bra will provide. 

Understanding Sports Bra Impact Levels

Low-impact activities, such as yoga or walking, can be done with a bra that has a low impact level. High-impact activities, such as running or jumping, require a bra with a high impact level.

How to Determine the Impact Level of a Sports Bra

Unfortunately, impact levels are not regulated, so manufacturers are not required to carry out any testing or pass any criteria before they can call their bra suitable for these impact levels. Did you know this? This is why it's key that we all become aware in the aspect to look out for to make this determination ourselves. Not to mention we are all different and have different shapes and needs.

Here are a few things you can look for to determine the impact level of a sports bra:

  1. Find out what level of activities the bra was designed specifically for.
  2. Read reviews, especially by people in a similar situation to you.
  3. Trying on the bra and doing high-impact moves in the dressing room.
  4. Determining features that are important for you, for example, wide straps.

When Information about Impact Level is Not Available

Sports Bra Guides

Some reputable brands may provide a guide on their sports bras online, describing the differences between all of their sports bra designs and what they have been designed for. These can be helpful tools to allow you to make an informed decision.

Shop with Reputable Brands

You see many high-street brand providing an athleisure range these days, even though they may not have started out from sporting roots. These may be provided for more fashion-based purposes and for streetwear and could be detrimental to our bodies if they do not provide the support they claim. So please be aware and alert when shopping in this area.

At MAAREE, we are a company built on sports engineering foundations. Our founder, Mari, comes from a background in sports bra testing under laboratory conditions and this experience is reflected in our commitment to thorough testing and quality. We take the performance and support of our sports bras seriously, and are dedicated to providing our customers with reliable and effective products. We felt sports bra designs weren't going far enough and there are so many questions from customers, which shows how much there is still to learn. So we not only designed the first and only bras with Overband® Technology, but we want our website and social channels to be a hub of knowledge for all of your unanswered questions surrounding sports bras.

MAAREE Three sports bras

The Final Word on High-Impact Sports Bras

In conclusion, it's important to be aware of the impact level of your sports bra. Sports bras will be created with different sports and activities in mind. One designed for yoga will not be a suitable bra for running in, even though they will all be categorised as a 'sports' bra. A bra that doesn't provide enough support can lead to breast pain and discomfort, as well as long-term damage to the breast tissue. By following the tips mentioned above, including looking for bras that have been tested, recommended and designed specifically for your activities, you can ensure that you are getting the right level of support for your needs.

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