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Our 5 Top Fitness Books For Women in 2019

Whether you’re planning on getting fit in the new year, interested in exercise, or looking for that perfect gift for your sporty friend, we’ve found five great fitness books for you. Our selection includes everything from HIIT training, jogging, strength training, to yoga in pregnancy.  

Bella Mackie, Jog On

Number one on our list has to be Bella Mackie with her book, ‘Jog On’. 

Bella Mackie, Jog On

In the book, Bella shares how, following a painful divorce, she began jogging in the hope that it would help her with depression and anxiety. In an interview with ITV News, she shares that she started to run to help her mental health, not to become a health goddess. She went on to say that jogging helped her ‘get out of her head.’ 

Forcing herself to do something physical helped her to shut her mind off, helped her to calm her mind down, and look after herself. She comments that it’s not about beating anxiety, but helping yourself to live with it well. 

Bella jogs wearing our Empower Medium-Impact Sports Bra and has this to say about it, 

 "It's magic. There's no bounce or pain and it makes me feel completely comfy on big runs. I'd not be without it."

- Bella Mackie

Bella has also released, ‘Jog on Journal’, which is a practical guide, offering you tips on how to start running. 

Get Strong for Women, Alex Silver-Fagan

Get Strong for Women’, by Alex Silver-Fagan, looks at how strength-training, weight-lifting, cardio, and diet can be used together to create a toned, lean body through building muscle and burning fat. We love this book’s motto, which is ‘strong is beautiful: strong is powerful.’ 

Get Strong

The book offers its readers instructions on how to complete the exercises and also provides a 12-week fitness programme to offer a practical guide to putting what you’ve learnt into practice. 

High-Intensity Interval Training for Women, Sean Bartram

Interval Training for Women

High-Intensity Interval Training for Women’ is written by Sean Bartram and includes a visual guide, workouts, and exercises to suit women’s varying fitness levels, time commitments, and goals. The book focuses on the whole body, but highlights the lower body and core. 

The guide teaches over 80 HIIT exercises that can be completed anywhere. The book also offers workouts and exercise plans. 

Your Strong and Sexy Pregnancy, Desi Bartlett

Are you pregnant or have just given birth? Then ‘Your Strong and Sexy Pregnancy’, a yoga and fitness plan by Desi Bartlett, is the book for you. The purpose of the book is to help you to feel great and strong in your pregnancy, during birth, and during post postpartum. 

Your strong sexy pregnancy

Desi uses yoga to help your flexibility, ease back pain, and improve posture. Her advice and techniques also help your mental and emotional health at this important and special time in your life. Desi’s aim is for your ‘...pregnancy to teach you how to prioritize your health and happiness, cultivate your inner power and be a fierce, strong, sexy mom!’

Strength Training with Dumbbells, Monika Chopra

Strength Training with Dumbbells’, by Monika Chopra, shows you how to workout with dumbbells in the privacy of your own home. For those of you that don’t like going to the gym, but know the importance of strength training for your physical and mental health, this will be the perfect read for you. 

Strength training with dumbells

The book offers step-by-step exercises from warm-up and strength training, to cool down, that focus on the whole body. You’ll be shown how to correctly hold and use a dumbbell and to maintain the right posture. The book also includes ready to print dumbbell exercise charts that will help you with your fitness routine. 

Wrapping It Up 

There you have our five top fitness books to read over Christmas to help prepare you for the New Year.

A great way to succeed with a new fitness plan is to keep track of your actions by recording your progress and successes. Check out ‘Work, Sweat, Repeat’ journal by G.F.N. This 90-page journal will help you to plan and achieve your diet and exercise plans for the coming months.  

Remember, whatever exercise you do it’s important to wear the right sports gear, and that includes your bra. Check out Maaree bras and sports collection to find your perfect workout outfit. 

Happy reading and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

By Rebekah Louise

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