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MAAREE Solidarity High Impact Sports Bra Black

8 Important MAAREE Solidarity Sports Bra Features

"This is the sports bra of the future"

- Claire Sanderson, Editor of Women's Health UK

Are you currently training for a Marathon? Or generally looking for someone to answer your prayers and finally bring out a bra which works for you?
New British brand MAAREE is the new female-empowerment brand of a sports bra tester who was also tired of waiting. MAAREE sports bras are here to challenge and revolutionise the sports bra industry. How? I hear you ask. Read on.

MAAREE Solidarity Sports Bra Features

MAAREE Solidarity High-Impact Sports Bra

1. The Overband®

Some people may already know about what makes us so different. But for those who don't, we have designed and incorporated Overband® Technology into all of our bras. We are the first and only bras in the world to do this and it’s what sets us apart from the other sports bras on the shelves.
The Overband is a curved panel which runs over the top of the boobs reducing upward motion. Its shape means that the pressure is evenly distributed around your chest and curves with the shape of your body. On some of our bras, it's even adjustable so that you can tailor the tension and fit.
Most manufacturers have spent so much time only looking at motion in the downward direction and have completely neglected upward motion. Boobs move in all sorts of directions, so it's about time we took notice of this and stopped trying to resolve the issue by making the bras tighter and tighter!
We have spoken a lot about our innovative Overband® Technology in previous content, but this blog post is to show that we even go beyond this. We haven't just stuck our Overband® on a regular, average, thoughtless bra. Heck no. There is more to our sports bras than this, so we wanted to ellaborate on our most important sports bra features.

2. The Main Body Material 

Do you know if your current sports bra is made using elastic or non-elastic fabric? Is this something you take notice of when buying your sports bra? We do. The main body of our Solidarity High-Impact Sport Bra is made from a soft but non-stretch fabric to ensure that when jumping around the material will not allow your boobs to be subjected to these motions, so your puppies will stay put.

3.  The Elastic Mesh Panels

Overheating can be a problem when we exercise, especially in the summer. So you don't want a sports bra which covers you too much, overheating you and feeling like a straight jacket. Keeping this in mind, we've placed mesh panels where possible to keep you cool.
Not only this, but our mesh is elastic. It will feel more comfortable to wear and be much easier when put. So, unlike other non-stretch sports bras, you're not wrestling to get it on and off around your workout. Our Solidarity Bra is non-stretch in the front (where it counts) and stretchy in the back (also where it counts).

4. The Shoulder Straps

Coming across great shoulder straps can be heaven! You can feel like you've hit the jackpot when you find a sports bra with straps that look good yet don't give you those big shoulder dents.
Thin, fancy, intertwining straps seen on the latest yoga bras will not be good enough for your long runs. You will need straps that are wider, padded and, most importantly, non-stretch to ensure minimal bounce and maximum comfort throughout those long runs. 

5. The Back Shape

Are you a racerback girl or an H-back girl? Maybe you're both. That's okay, our Solidarity bra does both. We have a small and discrete hook and loop on our straps. This allows you to easily convert from one to the other, while you're still wearing it!
So, what's the difference?
Let's start with racerback. The straps shape around your shoulder blades, not across. Some feel it gives your arms a better range of motion, or at least feels as though the straps aren't interfering with you. They look better under some shirts by not peeking out from underneath and there is no danger of the straps falling off your shoulders mid workout. Lastly, a racerback will feel more supportive to a lot of women.
However, some women prefer an H-back. They are easier to put on, they often have more adjustability for a better fit, most have less coverage, they cross over a bone over the shoulders instead of muscle and feel more like an everyday brassier. Some find that an H-back slides off your shoulders too much, but just tighten the straps or you maybe find that the shape is too wide-set.

6. The Clasp

The dreaded clasp! The marmite of the sports bra world. Some people like it, some people really hate it.
How many of you out there really struggle with the wrestle when getting your sports bra on and off over your head? (*Puts own hand up*) Have you ever considered that a clasp would make this process a lot easier? The space you have to get your shoulders through when doing this is a lot bigger when you have a clasp option on your bra. In addition to this, having three or so size adjustments on the clasp allow for your bra to fit and perform better for longer. 

7. The Underband

Wide, but not too wide. Tight, but not too tight. Rigid, but not too rigid. We demand more from our underband than we might think, and it can be difficult to get right. Some women feel that the underband is the backbone of their sports bra.
Besides the Overband®, the underband is the element of the bra we have probably spent the largest amount of time developing. It needs to expand and contract with your breathing, whilst keeping the same fit. We want to prevent it from buckling, moving and chafing, and for it to be a sturdy, yet comfortable, anchor point for your support.

8. The CoppaFeel! Label

We are very proud partners of the charity CoppaFeel! on their #BraHijack campaign. 
CoppaFeel! is a breast cancer awareness charity on a mission to get you checking your boobs, as one day it could save your life! The charity is here to educate you on the signs and symptoms of breast cancer and to encourage you to check on a monthly basis so that you are empowered to head to your GP if anything changes.
On the inside of every single MAAREE sports bra there is a CoppaFeel! label to regularly remind you to check yourself for signs of breast cancer.

Final Thoughts

We hear from so many people that the two most importance items you'll need for your marathon are a good pair of shoes and a good sports bra. With so many fashion-based companies (and not science-based ones) now releasing sportswear we are in danger of selecting inferior, and even damaging, products for our bodies.
Sports bra is a very complex piece of equipment and an essential part of our workout gear. It's a piece of clothing that needs to fulfil an important purpose. 
To quickly test your current sports bra, the next time you're on a run place your hands gently above your breast when you are running and feel how much motion your boobs are experiencing. If you then hold your boobs a bit firmer and feel it makes a massive difference then you may want to look into upgrading your sports bra.
Many women out there don't really know what to look for when sports bra shopping, but I hope I have helped to shine some light on the important factors so that we can all become more informed for our next sports bra purchase. Spend some time to determine which one is best for you to ensure you perform at your best 
If you would like to learn more about MAAREE sports bras please do take a look at our online store or click the individual links below.

Good luck in your training and events!

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No need to worry about sizing up or down with ours. I’m very aware of the Shock Absorber sizing and it is way off to your normal day-to-day bra size. Pick ours in the size you would wear day-to-day and that should be a great fit!


I was sooo excited to see you’re ad. Read through and thought yeah!!!!! At last!!! I’m a shock absorber girl at the moment as it means I only wear one item of compression, used to wear 3!! How do your sizes compare? I’m currently wearing 38G but feel I could lose a cup size as I’m getting jiggle?

Thanks in advance


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