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Breast Health Awareness Month: The Clothing Label That Could Help Save Your Life!

October is not just about pumpkin spice lattes and cozy sweaters; it's also Breast Health Awareness Month! It's a time when we encourage everyone to take a moment to prioritise their breast health and learn how to check themselves for signs of breast cancer. At MAAREE, we are deeply committed to supporting this crucial cause and have been doing so for almost five years.

MAAREE and Our Partnership with CoppaFeel!

MAAREE, a name synonymous with sports bras designed for active women, has a long-standing history of supporting breast health awareness. Since our inception, we have proudly partnered with the charity CoppaFeel! in their mission to promote early detection and raise awareness about breast cancer. Our collaboration with CoppaFeel! began almost five years ago when we became part of their #BraHijack campaign.

What is #BraHijack?

MAAREE Coppafeel Bra Hijack BraHijack

The #BraHijack campaign by CoppaFeel! is an innovative initiative that aims to remind women to regularly check their breasts for any signs of cancer. MAAREE actively participates in this campaign by incorporating a handy reminder inside every single sports bra we sell. This reminder comes in the form of a label or sticker, serving as a constant nudge to perform self-examinations. This small gesture can make a big difference in early detection and potentially saving lives.

Why Self-Examination is Crucial

Early detection of breast cancer is essential for successful treatment and improved outcomes. Regular self-examinations are a vital part of breast health awareness. By knowing how to check your breasts for cancer, you can identify any unusual changes or lumps early on, allowing for prompt medical attention if needed.

How to Check Your Boobs for Cancer

If you're unsure about how to perform a breast self-exam, don't worry; we've got you covered. In our upcoming blog post, we will provide a detailed guide on how to check your breasts for cancer. We'll provide you with all the tools you need, making it easy for you to incorporate regular self-examinations into your routine. Stay tuned for this informative post!

Join Our BHAM Challenge

October is the perfect time to get involved and raise awareness for Breast Health Awareness Month. At MAAREE, we're gearing up for a month of activities and challenges aimed at spreading the word and supporting breast health awareness. We invite you to join us in this exciting venture!

MAAREE bounce challenge breast health awareness month
Click here to learn more about the challenge we are organising for the month of October, to bounce 80,085 times by the end of the month. You can learn more about our enormous challenge and how you can participate and make a difference. We'll need your help!

Get Involved with CoppaFeel!

MAAREE Coppafeel logo

If you're looking for more ways to support the cause, be sure to visit the CoppaFeel! website at They offer a wealth of information on breast health, early detection, and ways you can get involved in their campaigns and events.

Stay Informed and Stay Safe

Breast Health Awareness Month is a time to prioritise your well-being. Make sure to check out our upcoming blog posts on how to check your boobs and our exciting BHAM challenge for October. By staying informed and proactive, we can make a significant impact in the fight against breast cancer.

Let's come together as a community to raise awareness and support breast health awareness this October!

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Bounce for Breasts Health Sign

Join MAAREE's BHAM Challenge: Bounce for Breast Health Awareness!

Our enormous challenge to bounce 80,085 times! We'll need your help, get involved now!

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