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White lace bra labelled a size DD

Demystify DD: Why Are We Obsessed with this Bra Size?

In the vast universe of lingerie, the DD cup size often stands as a beacon of intrigue and aspiration. Labeled as the beginning of "big" bra sizes, DD cups have been both coveted and misunderstood.

Here at MAAREE, we recently had an Instagram Reel go viral of a young woman riding a horse riding simulation machine while wearing our Solidarity Sports Bra. However, when the comments came rolling in, we were surprised at the response. Everyone was demanding that we needed to use a larger-busted model. As many of them said "why don't you use someone DD or bigger". However, this lady was already wearing a 32E in the video. So not only was she already wearing a larger size than many were requesting, but they incorrectly assumed what the size of a DD looks like.

So we wanted to take a bit more of a deeper dive into this - figuring out what our obsession is with the DD cup and why so many of us are still getting bra sizes so wrong.

1. A 'DD' as a Big Size is a Common Misconception


DD does not represent a fixed volume. The volume of breasts in a DD cup varies significantly across different band sizes. A 30DD and a 40DD, for instance, cater to vastly different breast volumes. This pivotal detail often escapes notice, leading to widespread sizing errors and misconceptions. It's essential to grasp that cup size is relative to band size, a concept explained thoroughly by communities like ABraThatFits on Reddit, which has been instrumental in spreading awareness and knowledge about accurate bra fitting.

Simply putting it, the DD in your bra means that your bust measurement is +5 inches bigger than your back size, whatever your back size may be. Make sense?

2. The Media & Societal Norms

Victoria's Secret Models Runway

The perception of DD cups as a "large" size has deep roots in both societal norms and marketing strategies. This view is partly fuelled by the media's portrayal of the ideal breast size, leading many to aspire to or believe they fall into the DD category. However, this overlooks a fundamental aspect of bra sizing: the indispensable role of the band size.

3. Sizing Restrictions in Shops

One might wonder why DD is often considered the ceiling in mainstream lingerie shops. The answer lies in the historical and somewhat outdated methods of bra manufacturing and marketing. As discussed on MySmartyPants, many retailers cap their offerings at a D or DD cup, not because this range encompasses all breast sizes but due to a lack of understanding and an unwillingness to cater to the full spectrum of women's bodies.

When retailers used to only offer 4 sizes initially (A, B, C, D) they added the DD when they realised women needed to include a larger size. Therefore it was often seen that A meant X-Small breasts, B meant Small, C Medium and D Large. So anyone larger would this would need a DD bra size. Thankfully thing have changed a lot since then. Although, admittedly, not perfect.

Many more expert brands are helping to bring more awareness to this and also to get more women understanding that a DD size is actually relatively small amoung our population.

4. We try to make bodies fit clothes

Understanding that the band size plays a critical role in determining the actual breast volume associated with a DD cup is a game-changer. This knowledge empowers women to seek out bras that truly fit their unique bodies, rather than conforming to a misinformed standard. It's time to shift the conversation from aspiring to a specific cup size to finding the perfect fit for your body's needs.

Diverse women bra sizing

5. Linguistic Appeal of the 'Double'

The prefix "double" suggests a doubling of something, which can be perceived as an enhancement or an increase in desirability. In the context of bra sizes, "double D" implies not just a size but an abundance or excess, which can be alluring to some due to the connotations of richness or lavishness.

The idea of something being "double" can also create a perception of rarity or uniqueness. In a society where larger breast sizes have often been idolised, the term "double D" might signify a size that is not just large but also special or uncommon, adding to its allure.

The Solution? MAAREE - Your Partner in Empowerment

We understand the journey to finding the perfect bra can be fraught with confusion and misinformation. That's why MAAREE is committed to not just providing high-quality sports bras but also to educating and empowering women about bra sizing. By sharing insights, resources, and guidance, we aim to demystify bra sizes and support women in making informed choices about their lingerie.

If you'd like to check your bra size there are a number of tools at your disposal in our Online Fitting Room. Why not visit our Sizing Guidelines page or even book a free online fitting with one of our friendly fitters.

Let's redefine what it means to find the perfect fit, embracing our bodies with love, knowledge, and the support we truly deserve.

If you want more help on understanding how bra sizing works, watch our helpful Instagram Reel now.

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