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Maaree womens volleyball superleague

Empowering Women in Volleyball: MAAREE Joins Forces with Volleyball England

MAAREE Women's Volleyball Super League Logo in RedWe've got some electrifying news that'll make your sports-loving hearts beat faster. MAAREE is thrilled to announce our groundbreaking partnership with Volleyball England, and we can't wait to share the exciting details with you, our incredible community of empowered women.

So, here's the scoop: Starting with the 2023-24 season, the top-tier women's volleyball division in England will proudly be known as the MAAREE Women's Super League. Yes, you read that right! This partnership reflects not only Volleyball England's commitment to women in sports but also our shared vision of empowering women like you to excel comfortably in your athletic journeys.

MAAREE Women's Super League


Our founder, the unstoppable Mari Thomas-Welland, had a lightbulb moment that kickstarted this incredible journey. She realised that many women, despite their active lives, were struggling to find the perfect sports bra. Even after years of testing sports bras for top brands and studying at Loughborough University, Mari knew there was room for improvement. That's when she took matters into her own hands and crafted the revolutionary MAAREE sports bras you know and love today.

Our debut collection in 2018 sold out faster than you can say "game-changer," and since then, MAAREE has been winning awards left and right for our relentless innovation. But this partnership is about more than just accolades; it's about breaking down barriers that have held women in sports back for too long.

📸 Phil Gibbin

Here's the icing on the cake: Every female player in the MAAREE Women's Super League will receive a MAAREE sports bra, ensuring that they have the support they need to dominate on the court. We'll even be hosting in-person fitting sessions at the Super League Opening Weekend on October 15th, so every player can get the perfect fit, style, and support. Remember, you can book your FREE virtual sports bra fitting with MAAREE here: BOOK MY MAAREE FITTING

But wait, there's more!

This partnership isn't exclusive to the elite; all Volleyball England members will enjoy special MAAREE perks and exclusives. We're talking about top-notch support and comfort for all of you, no matter your skill level or background.

Laura Allcoat, Volleyball England's Strategic Manager, sums it up perfectly: "MAAREE is renowned for its innovation and reliability, giving women peace of mind during sports. Now, the volleyball community can tap into these advantages too."

Girls, this partnership is all about celebrating your strength, determination, and passion for sports. Together with Volleyball England, we're empowering women in volleyball, ensuring you're not just comfortable but confident as you step onto the court.

Get ready, because this partnership is all about taking your game to the next level. Stay fierce, stay empowered, and let's rock the world of women's volleyball together! 💪🏐🌟

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